The Rusinga Kindergarten admits children ages 2-6 years. The class levels are as follows:

  • Ages 5-6: Beetles class
  • Ages 3-4: Ladybirds class...

Prep School

Prep School offers the British National Curriculum and caters for pupils aged 6-11 years. The Prep School Section consists of Key Stage 1...

Senior School

The Senior School at Rusinga Schools Nairobi, serves approximately 330 students in Years 7 to 13. That is Key Stage 3 or Lower School (years 7 to 9), Key Stage 4 or Middle School...

A-Level School

The A Level programme was started at Rusinga in 1994 and over the years, we have produced graduates who have joined world class Universities in the...

  • Rusinga Schools

    Rusinga Schools are Christian day schools offering the British National Curriculum. We have a strong commitment to academic excellence, a high level of discipline and Christian values. Children are accepted from the age of two and are able to progress through our Kindergarten, Prep and Senior schools. At the end of each significant level when learners are transitioning from one Key Stage to another, assessments are conducted to check their level of attainment in various skills. At the end of Kindergarten, there is a Baseline Assessment in Numeracy and Literacy Skills. At Prep School, levels are divided into two: Key Stages 1 and 2.

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