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Welcome to Rusinga Schools....where we pray, play and work together. We thank you for considering our School for your child's education needs

Our Admission Application Process requires that you fill in the following forms:

  1. Application form for the respective class
  2. Medical Information Form
  3. Christian Practice Form
  4. Student Code of Conduct Form
  5. Additional forms as provided by the Admissions office 

Age Clusters:

Kindergarten:    2 - 6 Years

Prep School:     Key Stage 1 --  6 - 7 Years

                            Key Stage 2 --  8- 11 Years

Senior School:  Key Stage 3 -- 12-14 Years

                            Key Stage 4 --  15 - 16 Years

A Level:              Key Stage 5 -- 17 - 18 Years


Summary of the Admissions Process

  • Our academic year begins in September and entry is preferred at this time. However, students may be accepted at any time in the year. Admissions procedure requires for a parent to fill an Admissions Application Form and attach supporting documents with regard to the child’s background. The student is then invited to Rusinga schools for formal or informal assessments.
  • The admissions process involves a panel comprising of the Head Teacher, Heads of Section, Departments Heads and the Admissions Officer.
  • Prospective students in Prep School and Kindergarten, will be expected to spend a day and a report is issued by the prospective subject teacher.
  • Rusinga Schools delivers the British National Curriculum to students in English. Language proficiency in Early Years is not used as an indication for admissions. In Prep School and Senior School, language proficiency is assessed to ensure students can access the curriculum, in order to progress to the best of their ability in our school.
  • Admission to be determined by academic performance, academic background, age and last school attended but not limited to gender, racial, tribal or religious affiliations.
  • KCSE students are usually admitted in the January Term and enter Year 12 in Term Two and will take both AS and A2 examinations in May/June at the end of year 13.

Assessment tests:

  • Admission in to Kindergarten is based on informal assessment and interviews.
  • Students who are 5-6 years and looking to join year 1 are assessed using various tools that assess reading, spelling, and writing abilities of students. Additional assessments are accessed in digital format and help identify any additional learning needs that might be required at this foundational level.
  • Every prospective child, who is 7 years and above must take a cognitive ability test. This is a diagnostic assessment that is designed to help students and their teachers understand how they learn and what their academic potential might be. The assessment test will help establish the existing potential for learning and preferred learning styles. It will also help establish a student’s access and readiness for learning.
  • The interviews/assessments are carried out on set dates during both the school days and the school holiday period or during a school day by appointment.
  • For Prep School and Senior School students an assessment test is carried out digitally and is designed to help students and their teachers understand how they learn and what their academic potential might be. It assesses how students think in areas that are known to make a difference to learning. There is an assessment fee per child as detailed in the fees structure and payment is done prior to taking the test. 

Learning Support Department: 

  • Rusinga is an inclusive school for learners with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) including those with gifted and or talented students and students with special educational needs, provided they have the ability to access learning and optimize their potential within the existing learning resources and opportunities.
  • The Learning Support Department organizes their learning targets and outcomes within the regular classroom, but at times with minimal pull-out sections as their individualized educational targets dictate.
  • We expect all parents to be candid about additional learning support requirements. We do request copies of all external documents such as professional assessments, individual learning plans, and one-to-one learning requirements from prior assessments done and facilitate further discussions with the Learning Support Department. If the school is unable to meet the educational needs of the prospective student, a discussion will be held by the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) to relay the same and options for alternative institutions provided in the policy and guidelines of Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).


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