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Young people experience developmental changes that are unique to their age bracket as well as to each individual. The counseling office is therefore a safe space for Rusinga students to share openly and speak freely on whatever issue or matter they like!

As such, within the school environment, the department offers additional psychological support to the students as their first point of contact is their teachers and in-school mentors. The counseling office must receive a signed consent form from Parents/Guardians in order to provide counseling service to students.

Department Objectives:

  • To offer psychological support to the school community by way of counseling.
  • To pass relevant, helpful information to the school community through assembly sessions and via Facebook as a social media platform.
  • To liaise with those in direct contact with the students for purposes of ensuring that the service is availed to the students who need it.
  • To form networks that will enhance the quality of service given at the school.

Services Offered:

  • One-on-one counselling
  • Group counselling/ discussions/ talks
  • Referral for specialized intervention (with parental/guardian consent)
  • Student and Parent Events: Mental Health Week and Coffee with the Counselor, held every term

How Counseling is Initiated: 

  • Self-initiated- the client seeks out counseling by him/herself
  • By referral- the client is either referred by his/ her parent / guardian or teacher


  • Confidentiality is core to the counseling process. Every client is assured and has a right to confidentiality. 
  • However, this agreement may be broken if: The client is a danger to him/herself, is

a danger to others or is likely to cause damage to property. Every client is informed of these limitations to confidentiality at the onset.


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