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Virtual Learning during COVID-19 Period

E-Learning Success:

We kicked off our e-learning programme following the School closure directive from the Government on 16th March, 2020. Our mission is to ensure our students achieve their personal excellence in and out of class including in virtual learning.

For the students to receive the best outcome from the e-learning, collaboration between home and school is key. Students need to follow the timetables shared from the respective schools. It is best if an adult is present just before class time to ensure students are ready to be engaged in the lesson. As is the culture at Rusinga Schools, the virtual classes will begin with morning devotion. Timely login to the platforms is also key.

If your child does not have their login credentials kindly reach out to your child's form tutor for assistance. Students should be seated in a comfortable area with minimal disturbance and preferably seated at a table and not in their pajamas, sipping on their beverage. Classroom etiquette needs to be observed.

The platforms the school uses are compatible with any internet enabled device e.g. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, iPhone, Android Phone. Students login with their school email addresses into the Google Classroom. If students or parents have any queries they are asked to contact their child’s form tutor. Each subject teacher has a different way of engaging with the students in the platforms. However, the first point of contact with the students is in Google Classroom. Thereafter, the teachers will communicate to students which other online platforms they will interact with for class activities.

Play is an important part of learning:

At Rusinga we believe play is an important part of learning. Therefore, all students should take time to relax, play, and enjoy a healthy snack or lunch during the course of the day as allocated in the timetables.

Online Safety:

The camera being on during video call lessons is optional. Students need only ensure their microphone is working well and that they self-identify for recording of the register. So any parents who have misgivings about live streaming can switch off the camera on their end.

Third Term Activities:

The April Term 2020 (Term 3) will commence on Monday 27th April, 2020 on the virtual platforms. The E-Learning Policy and timetables will be circulated to all parents for planning purposes. Furthermore, the School Tuition Fees structure for April Term will be adjusted down to cover the on-line tuition. This information will be emailed to our parents and guardians during the week of 13th April, 2020. The E-Learning calendar can be downloaded by clicking here. It is important to stress that everyone is seeing changes in their daily lives and adjusting to a new reality and struggling to find a new balance, as this global pandemic has changed the way each and every one of us lives day to day. We will continue to work together as we plan for multiple possibilities ahead.

We are in this Together:

We were in uncharted territory during the last two weeks of Term 2 and we made it through by collaborating together as a School Family. The reality we are in right now is a global issue therefore we are not alone in this. Here are a few tips for this stay at home period:

  • Look at the time at home as an opportunity to bond and reconnect as a family.
  • Talk about your worries with someone you trust. It is common to feel concerned about this period we're in. Sharing helps to keep stress at bay.
  • Look after your physical health. Eat healthy, exercise, and drink lots of water.
  • Stay informed but try as much as possible not to overindulge in the news. It can potentially add to your worries.
  • Ensure to follow what the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization have recommended as daily hygiene habits to prevent COVID-19.

Our 6 Core Values are Honour, Adventure, Fortitude, Compassion, Mastery and Leadership. Fortitude is one Core Value we need to keep in mind during this uncertain period. At Rusinga Schools, we provide an encouraging environment to develop the Fortitude necessary to complete this life journey productively, producing life-long learners who are independent thinkers, level-headed leaders, confident and good communicators, open-minded, balanced in thought, reflective, risk takers and democratic. This season will pass and our students shall indeed succeed and be the stronger for it.

We continue to encourage all to remain calm, exercise hygiene and preventative measures against COVID-19.

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For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7


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