Our Core Values: Compassion | Fortitude | Honour | Mastery | Adventure | Leadership
Our Core Values: Compassion | Fortitude | Honour | Mastery | Adventure | Leadership

Senior School

Nurturing The Plant

Our curriculum’s content and delivery is driven by an understanding of the complex nature of growth and proficiency

Senior School Overview

The Senior School at Rusinga Schools Nairobi, serves approximately 330 students in Years 7 to 13. That is Key; Stage 3 or Lower School (years 7 to 9), and Key Stage 4 or Middle School (years 10 to 11).

The School provides a strong foundation in both academic as well as social  skills, lending exceptional depth and resonance to a student’s knowledge and understanding. The spiritual growth of the students is emphasised based on biblical teachings. A close partnership between parents, teachers, and school administrators protects and guides children toward excellence of character, high academic achievement, and fulfilment of individual potential.

Reports are given at the end of each term and Parents’ and Teachers’ Consultation Meetings are held in the January Term. However, parents are free to come in and speak to the class tutor to enquire about their child’s progress.

September/ Fall Term

  • Parents Orientation Meeting
  • Christmas Musical
  • Community Service- Visit to a childrens’ home

January/Winter Term

  • Sports day
  • Teacher-Parents Consultation

April/Spring Term

  • Kindergarten Graduation

The children bring in a healthy snack to eat at 10am.We provide warm milk for them at 10.00am and hot chocolate at 3.00pm before they leave school. The children have school lunch together, assisted by the teachers and a menu is provided at the start of term for the parents to know what we eat at school. We encourage the children to display good table manners and to tidy up after meals.

P.E & Sports
Creative & Performing Arts
Humanities & Social Sciences
ICT and Computer Science
Mastery of Skills and Knowledge

Our teachers design learning environments that facilitate rich, exciting, robust and challenging learning situations. These challenging engagements provide opportunities for reflection, self-awareness and Mastery of content and subject.

The students are encouraged to be good stewards of their talents.

We take all reasonable measures to ensure that risks of harm to your child’s welfare are minimised. We also exercise all appropriate actions to address concerns about the welfare of your child and other children, working under local policies and procedures in full partnership with other agencies and law enforcement.

Our academic year begins in September.

Parent to fill out an Admissions Application Form and attach supporting documents.

The student is then invited to Rusinga Schools for formal or informal assessments.

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