Our Core Values: Compassion | Fortitude | Honour | Mastery | Adventure | Leadership
Our Core Values: Compassion | Fortitude | Honour | Mastery | Adventure | Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions

Rusinga Schools is a Christian day school offering the British National Curriculum. We have a strong commitment to academic excellence, a high level of discipline and Christian values. Curriculum delivery is child-centered, skill-based and focuses on the holistic development of an individual child.

Rusinga Schools was founded in 1975 by a group of missionaries

Rusinga Schools is located along Gitanga Road, in Lavington, Nairobi, Kenya.

The fee charged is different depending on the child’s year group. CLICK HERE for the fee structure.

At Rusinga Schools, we teach the British National Curriculum (BNC), from our Kindergarten, Prep School until our Sixth Form College.

Rusinga Schools is a Christian day school offering the British National Curriculum (BNC).

We follow the Ministry of Education guidelines which require us to incorporate Swahili learning for our students. We also engage in various school activities such as cultural days where our students get the opportunity to explore and learn further about the Kenyan tradition and cultures.

We have a maximum of 20 per class

We have 3 streams per year group

Christianity is a way of life for us as an institution. We are unapologetically Christian. We have Devotions, Programme of Pastoral Instructions (PPI), mentorship sessions, termly themes and weekly themes as key focus areas whose discussions are guided by the Bible. All these activities are carried out across the three schools; Kindergarten, Prep School and Sixth Form College, with teachers, students or specific classes taking the lead in guiding the rest of the particular school to get an understanding of our expectations from the Bible.

Yes, this is an expectation as your child joins us at Rusinga Schools that they will be participating in all school activities including Christian practice. As part of our admissions documents, the parent and student will sign a Christian Practice Form as an acknowledgement to participate in the same.

Yes, we have a wide array of co-curricular activities we offer for our students. At Rusinga Schools, we believe in the all-round and holistic development of our students to enrich broad-based learning and life skills.

CLICK HERE to view our array of co-curricular activities.

Working very closely with the Inclusion and Extension Department during the admissions process, we are able to identify the gap areas or special talents the student might have. Once the student joins us they are paired with a Peer Mentor who helps them get a sense of the schools/various activities and guide them in their first two months of school. We also work closely with the Form Tutor or Class Tutor, Subject Teacher, Pastoral Head, Dean of Academic Programmes, Head of School and Head Teacher to ensure the students settle in well and get all the needed support to transition.

Yes they can. We have our students joining various universities both locally and internationally; depending on what they would like to pursue.

Yes, we have a strong enrichment programme to develop the various skills and talents for our students. Our Clubs Sessions are compulsory every Friday afternoon from 2.00pm-3.30pm. Club time is important as it ensures that our students explore their respective gifts and talents outside academics, and also, find time to relax, create, play and bond as they engage in other life skills. Their engagement is eventually captured in their assessment reports which builds their all-round profiles.

Our admissions process is includes the four key areas below:

Step 1: Filling out applications forms and providing supporting documents

Step 2: Assessment: this can be online or in-person.

Step 3: Meeting with the Head of School: Kindergarten, Prep School or Senior School

Step 4: Recommendation to admit: preparation and issuance of the admission letter and other details.

Our admissions happen in September and January terms for all classes except Year 11 and  Year 13. Our Kindergarten admissions are throughout the academic year.

Your child will join our Year 9 year group.

At the moment we are not offering the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

BTEC refers to Business and Technology Education Council.

BTEC is a vocational qualification studied at school or college. The BTEC Courses are work-related and are ideal for any student who prefers more practical-based learning. BTEC qualifications allow you to continue further study at university or enter the workforce. At Rusinga Schools, we offer the below BTEC Subjects.

  • BTEC Art & Design
  • BTEC Sports
  • BTEC Business
  • BTEC Music

For students seeking to join Year 12 the expectation is that they should have scored at least a C or its equivalent in 5 subjects, including Mathematics and English Language.

Admission into this year group is offered strictly under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Head of Senior School and Head Teacher; being that this is the final exam class.

At the moment we only offer scholarships to our current students transitioning into our Sixth Form (Year 12 or Year 13 classes).

Yes we do, we work with our Inclusion and Extension Department to consider the extent of the child’s learning disability and if we can adequately and effectively offer the specialized support.

Rusinga Schools is founded on the Bible. We take lead from the Bible on matters wordly ideologies and teach our students to stand firm on the truth as laid out in the laid of God.

Yes we do. We have a robust Careers and University Placement Department that works closely with students across the school to ensure they get scholarships in their university of choice. In particular, the department assists students in the career path journey right from when they choose their subjects with guidance on the various career paths and options and the requirements. During the academic year, we require our students to participate in Work Experience weeks where the students get to shadow persons working in different career destinations. These work experience periods help our students firm up their choices of the specific career path they would like to pursue in their future.

We offer our school tours Monday to Friday from 4:00pm when school is in session and Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm during the holiday, by appointment.

It is above international standards. We have and continue to have our students performing extremely well. Every year we have students receiving the Cambridge Top Achievers Awards in various subjects. In addition, we have students being awarded for attaining various top levels in the country and the continent in various subjects.